Future Scientific Activities

Southern Ocean  Carbon Processes (SOCarP): Deployment of biogeochemistry and current meter mooring and sub-surface sediment trap mooring for a comprehensive understanding of the seasonal and inter-annual variability of the physical, biogeochemical and biological parameters and fluxes (air-sea and vertical/biological pump).


Ongoing Southern Ocean programme will be implemented to achieve the following scientific goals:

  • Heat budget, zonal and meridional heat transport
  • Carbon cycle.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the conventional food-web and microbial loop in the various frontal regions.
  • Plankton biodiversity and to create a plankton database.
  • Molecular taxonomy of plankton.
  • Biophysical coupling
  • Turbulence structure of Southern Ocean troposphere.
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of aerosols and its impact on radiative forcing
  • Development of a suitable ecosystem model

Other Scientific programmes in the Tropical Indian Ocean

  • Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge (SCTR) & Maiden-Julian Oscillation studies.
  • Sub-tropical Indian Ocean Oligotrophic Gyre Studies.