News Archive

Sl. No Title Publish Date
1 Extension of date for 40-ISEA Antarctic Proposals 31-03-2020
2 Result of Summer Internship Students at NCPOR 18-03-2020
3 NCPOR Invites Nominations from Scientists/Researchers for forthcoming IODP expedition 395 17-03-2020
4 Science Day Celebration at NCPOR 02-03-2020
5 40-Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica-Call for research proposals 28-02-2020
6 71st Republic Day Celebrations at NCPOR, Goa 27-01-2020
7 Indian Antarctic Bill – Regarding 15-01-2020
8 The eleventh Indian Scientific Expedition to the Southern Ocean/Antarctic Waters has been launched from Port Louise, Mauritius on 11 January at 1200hrs 14-01-2020
9 Director Dr. M. Ravichandran was awarded with "S Z Qazim Award for Excellence in Marine Sciences" 17-12-2019
10 Dr. M. Ravichandran, Director, NCPOR has received Dr. D. Srinivasan Endowment Award 13-12-2019
11 Call for proposals for scientific research in the Arctic region (2020-2021) 26-11-2019
12 Invites Nominations from Scientists/Researchers for forthcoming IODP Expedition 392 04-11-2019
13 IODP Expedition 385: Guaymas Basin tectonics and Biosphere 23-10-2019
14 Dr M Ravichandran, Director, NCPOR has been elected and awarded the Fellowship of The NASI for his Outstanding Research Contributions for the year 2019 15-10-2019
15 NCPOR organised Outreach Program under the aegis of IISF- 2019 on 11.10.2019. 14-10-2019